Edward Norton’s Obama Documentary

After the lackluster Incredible Hulk, I’m glad to see that Edward Norton was actually able to find a project worth his time and effort during the last few years. Apparently, HBO has already expressed interest in the project, but regardless, I’m anxious to see the finished product.

Since 2006 — starting with Obama’s trip to Africa — Norton and his team have had the cameras rolling every step of the way. The whole project was kept fairly secret — since neither the campaign nor Norton wanted it to fuel any criticism of Obama’s ‘celebrity’. Last month, Norton spoke briefly about the project to the Vancouver Sun saying, “We’re making a historical record, not something to play a role in the election. So we have an agreement with [the campaign] that we won’t talk about this, or publicize it until the election is over. I can’t talk about access [but] it’s a fascinating thing to document.”

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